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Danny Tumbelaka

Started my professional career in 1987, I explored my skills in Fashion, Portrait, Still-Life, Human Interest, and Travelling.

From 1992 to 1996, the former Minister of Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications of The Republic of Indonesia, the late Mr. Joop Ave, trusted me to photograph 27 provinces of this country. This assignment sharpened my experiences in Culture, History, Hospitality/Service and Tourism


This collaboration founded Life in a Site (LIAS) Program, which led to Indonesian Heritage (Modern Encyclopedia Series) in 1998, organized and published by Buku Antar Bangsa and Archipelago Press.


LIAS then has becoming my idealism project, while still doing commercial assignments in Hospitality, Travelling, and Corporations.

In 2015 collaborated with Yayasan Bina Museum Indonesia (The Jakarta Post), held the Spice Trails Exhibition in Indonesian National Museum in Jakarta, which will be followed with more exhibitions and community activities as well.

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